Thursday, March 26, 2015

Which is easier: to say your sins are forgiven or to say get up and walk ?

Remember the paralytic guy who got dropped down by his friends to Jesus' feet through a hole in the roof? (Matthew 9,  Mark 2, Luke 5).  Some Bible teachers in the crowd were thinking Jesus' was speaking blasphemy when He said "Your sins are forgiven"  because only God can forgive sins.  So Jesus asked them which is easier; to say your sins are forgiven, or to say get up and walk ?  Thanks to Pastor Steve at church a few weeks ago I now understand his question better.  The Bible Teachers thought they were better than Jesus but he attacked their pride by asking them which was easier.  You see they could not heal the man nor could they forgive sins and if Jesus was a lesser man than He would not be able to either . But He proved that He was not a lesser man because He could both forgive and heal.  When the paralyzed man got up and walked it was proof that Jesus had authority to forgive sins on earth (because He is God).   Thus he chastised the Bible teachers for thinking they were all that and a six pack.

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